5G Future: A New Generation of Possibilities

5G technology future connected world

I still remember how each generation of mobile network provided something different, something new, and caused us (myself included) to wonder what was around the corner.

1G first generation of wireless cellular technology for voice calls

1G or the first generation of mobile networks were analog technology; characterized by vast energy consumption. Sure, we could make voice calls, but the quality was terrible, security was non-existent, and given its speed, there really wasn’t much else we could hope to do with it.

2G network was slower, but shift from analog to digital

2G was undoubtedly a massive upgrade from 1G as it was the shift from analog to digital - an effort that was spearheaded to ensure a more reliable and secure communication channel. Not only that but 2G gave way to features like text messaging, conference calls, and roaming.

3G network technology enabled calls, texts and access the internet

3G is responsible for most of the features we all come to expect from our mobile networks and are common today across the globe. Web browsing, email, data sharing, instant messaging and more all became a global phenomenon. This generation also saw a rise in streaming services.

4G fastest connection to mobile Internet experience

4G brought with it fundamentally new technology, not unlike the leap from 1G to 2G. Suddenly we had high speed, high capacity, and enhanced security that was able to deliver diverse applications like cloud computing, 3D entertainment, telephony, mobile payments, and a plethora of others, all without compromise.

However, we are on the cusp of a new era of mobile networks. Heralded as one of the most exciting breakthroughs of the century, we are at the dawn of something magical that will change the way we travel, the way we communicate, what we do for entertainment and the way we do business.

5G promising next generation technology, future of connected word

5G technology promises to be more than just the next generation but a new point in history; one that will enable a future of a connected world, unlike anything we could have imagined.

Curious as to what that will look like, I’ve gathered some incredible use cases and capability displays. The video below proves how 5G speed is superior to 4G in terms of latency. Here’s a hint, 19 milliseconds can change everything!

But what about business? Let’s take a look at how this superior network promises to enable enterprises large and small to create new services, deliver new and innovative products, and allow for efficiencies and possibilities in such areas as Connected Automotive, Smart Manufacturing, Connected Energy, Wireless eHealth, Smart Cities and more.

The possibilities seem limitless, ushering us into a world that was once thought only possible in the movies. But this isn’t fiction; this is our fast-approaching reality. Cloud virtual reality and augmented reality are poised to disrupt the world of entertainment, but to what extent is still hard to imagine.

You would be wrong to think that only the world of entertainment will benefit from this leap forward. Let’s look at how one of the key players in this technology envisions making the 5G network a commercial reality.

We have travelled down the rabbit hole and are looking into what is seemingly an alternate universe, one where the impossible is becoming harder and harder to find. We are only skimming the surface of what this amazing technology can do, and as it stands right now. The only limitation moving forward will be our collective imagination. I think 5G is the magic wand we all have been waiting for.

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