Aliasgher Dalal

Aliasgher Dalal (MSEE) is a thought leader in technology who brings twenty years of experience in developing large scale real-time systems. He has a proven record of leading cross-functional teams developing software systems balancing agility and quality to drive strategic and operational excellence. His focus at mobileliveLIVE is AI, machine learning and IoT. He leads initiatives in these domains to provide strategic and tactical expertise to clients.
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The what, why, and how of data management

Are you happy with how efficiently your operations run? Do you want to become more profitable? Would you like to work on new growth opportunities? If you answered yes, you aren’t alone. In fact, these challenges are felt across the board and “Going Digital” aims to alleviate them. However, like anything worth doing, there is a process involved that can not only help you get there but maximize...

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