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Debarati is a seasoned journalist and a content marketer for over 8 years. She keeps a tap on the trends in the IT industry, follows the developments in Agile, DevOps, AI, Automation and loves writing on them.
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Are our jobs at risk with automation?

“Machines will take over nearly half of all the work done by humans”, claims an Oxford university research. Another prediction says, “90 percent of the world’s population will soon be jobless owing to the fast development in the field of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, analytics, and robotics.” The panic that robots taking over our jobs is going viral!

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Smart Governments help in shaping of Smart Cities

With every passing day, we get to hear more and more cities getting smarter. Be it in the Western world, the Asian - South Asian countries, or in the Middle Eastern countries, cities are getting smarter with a technology makeover to doll up in the most efficient way.

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7 Key Areas to Evaluate When Choosing a Development Partner

You already have a vision about your new mobile app, a website, an eCommerce solution, or any disruptive digital solution and now need a development partner. If you have started this hunting exercise then you must have realized that finding a right partner who will transform your vision into reality, is a challenging and painstaking task.

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7 techs to keep your resolutions alive and strong!

Over lunch with my colleagues, I enquired on how is everyone keeping up with their New Year Resolutions? While only a few proudly claimed to be bang on with their target, most couldn’t keep up or had totally forgotten about it! 

So, we reminded ourselves that with technology at bay, getting off track should not be so easy. The campaign expanded and I reached out to everyone with the question ...

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