Girish Khullar

Girish is a certified Professional Scrum Master, Project Manager, and Agile Practitioner with over 12-years of experience with a solid track record of leading teams through the challenging transition from Waterfall to Agile practices. As a firm believer of Agile methodologies, processes, and operations, Girish enjoys coaching and educating at all levels within the organization to deliver quality customer value every time.
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5 Scrum Myths Parading as Truth - Busted

Words can be funny; more specifically, how the same word can have incredibly different meanings for different people. Take the word scrum for example. For 95% of the population, that word either elicits thoughts of people in jerseys all huddled together about to restart a game, or holds no meaning at all. However, when you change the ‘s’ to a capital, to us, the word Scrum takes on a whole new...

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