Mudassar Malik

Mudassar’s global marketing experience ranges across North America and South Asia. He has spent the last two decades accelerating growth for Technology, Telecom, Banking, and the Advertising industry and is passionate about Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, Intelligent Automation, Modern Marketing, and Brand Culture.
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Who is reshaping Customer Experience?

Believe it or not, Gen-Y (also known as Millennials) is already the largest generation in the Canadian workforce and I’m sure so is the case in most countries. They were being ignored for their lack of income and spending power. However, it has become glaringly obvious that Gen-Y is a gigantic population, holding significantly powerful positions in the industry, and growing their spending...

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Customer Experience in the digital economy

Pursuit of optimal customer experience is driving digital transformation initiatives; with technology allowing customers to be in direct control of their interactions with businesses. From the ease of multi-channel digital connectivity to immediacy in service, the customers are demanding seamless and hyper-personalized experiences  that embody simplicity, Do-it-Yourself, and social.

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