Ragavan Balasubramaniam

Ragavan Balasubramaniam
Raga is an accomplished Test Automation Architect and Manager with over 15 years of experience in software development, automation, quality assurance, and continuous integration including embedded software, web browser, mobile, desktop as well as storage. He has successfully led end-to-end test automation in various complex agile software development environments. His innovative nature, embedded with an ‘automation first’ spirit has helped many enterprises in their transformation journeys. Before joining mobileLIVE, Raga excelled at Nortel, ATI Technologies, AMD, and Qualcomm in leading and creating innovative and efficient test automation solutions.
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Quality Assurance Approach and Best Practices

You know it’s vital, I know it’s vital, so let’s move on and dive right into our recipe for success. True quality comes from quality minded people, and as such, we’ve subscribed to a different angle towards QA, one that differs from the traditional practices.

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The What, When, and Why of Test Automation

Daniel Park is Head of Digital Experience for a large enterprise. Among his many ongoing projects, he has recently been tasked to launch a “mission-critical” venture that has the promise to change the way the organization interacts with their customers. However, before Daniel can begin, he needs to choose which vendor to partner with.

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