Waqas Niazi

Waqas is a Full-stack Lead Developer with over 9 years of experience in the design, development, and delivery of high-volume applications of a medium to enterprise scale. He is highly skilled in frontend and backend technologies, designing and implementing microservices, and multi-tier architecture for large-scale applications. His vast experience in financial, e-commerce, social media, telecom, HRM, marketing, and B2B/B2C applications make him a great asset to any project.
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Fastify, Kuma, and Kong: How they Compare to Traditional Systems

I've always prided myself a bit of a futurist, and it's certainly no coincidence that I work in tech. I love how the more advanced we get, the more connected everything seems to become. And while I am always looking forward to seeing what is new, what's exciting, and what's better - I am always reminded that it is only that last point - what's better - that interested me.

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Decoupled Architecture for Customer-First Design

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