Infographic: How to Plan Your Minimum Viable Product

plan your MVP

Ready to launch a new product? A new app perhaps? Do you know if there is a need for it in the market?

In this day and age, it has become extremely easy to take an idea and invest in getting it developed. But then, not every idea is a good idea. You need validation before money and time are invested, and that’s where an MVP comes in.

You’ve probably heard the term in almost every national sport but the MVP I want to discuss is a bit more important to your business. So, what is an MVP? Simply put, MVP (Most Viable Product) is the first version of the product that lets you validate and capture the attention of early adopters with the least amount of time and money invested. The two most important points when planning your MVP are; determining and prioritizing your features for the release.

This infographic will help guide your MVP planning phase and what to do after.

DT infographic_final

guide to your MVP planning phase

Topics: Design Thinking, Digital

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