7 techs to keep your resolutions alive and strong!

Over lunch with my colleagues, I enquired on how is everyone keeping up with their New Year Resolutions? While only a few proudly claimed to be bang on with their target, most couldn’t keep up or had totally forgotten about it! 

So, we reminded ourselves that with technology at bay, getting off track should not be so easy. The campaign expanded and I reached out to everyone with the question "How are you keeping up with your New Year resolutions", "What technologies can help to keep resolutions alive" and believe me I got some  real amazing recommendations.

Here's a quick list of most common resolutions and its related tech to keep them alive and strong.

Resolution: I want to be fit and active

How to be fit

What is fitness according to you? Do you just want to be in shape? Is your weight bothering you? Are you searching for how to be fit and active? MyFitnessPal, can truly be the friend in need and indeed. This cool app, let’s you count your calories, from a database of over 6 million food items, from different cuisines across the world. So, starting from your breakfast to dinner, including the cups of water you drink, the app can register everything and let you go smooth with your targeted plans of weight loss, or just being fit and healthy. Compatible with most Fitness devices, this is a one stop app that can keep you adhered to your mission being fit!

Resolution: I am going to save some money

How to save money and be a millionaire?Do you also see money coming in and going out, leaving you barely able to afford a coffee at the end of the month? Do you wish to save some money? Creating and meeting budgets is something that you have never mastered? Well, here’s the money Mint app in the market. This app will help you to track your money the right way so that you can welcome your new year with a lot more savings! The money manger Mint tracks your income and expenses, syncs up with your existing bank accounts, makes you set up a budget to put you in the "saving mindset". The best part is, it also analyzes and gives you a breakdown visually in the form of charts and graphs on the areas where you spend more or less so that you can be vigilant of your expenses. And to top it all off it’s absolutely free, so no spending to save money at all!

Resolution: Get rid of my bad habits

How to get rid of my bad habitsWe all know habits die hard. But it no longer holds true with Pavlok in town. This cool gadget lets you choose a bad habit that you wish to change, and helps change it. When you wear the gadget, the moment you get involved in your bad habit again the wristband will zap you automatically or manually. The device emits a slight shock every time you zap it for your bad habit. Your brain then creates an aversion, pairing up the zap with the habit, and slowly conditions you to get rid of it. Also, Pavlok can be integrated with a bunch of other stuff, be it your browser or other IFTTT devices too. Plus, you have half a year to redeem a money back guarantee if you really could not separate from your bad habit by using this device.

Resolution: Want to step up in my career

How to progress in my career?You are already working in a good position. However, aiming for a better position is nothing wrong. Here’s MindTools, to help you speed up the growth. This unique app, helps you to practice for competitive exams, guides you through several management lessons, provides technical know-hows, instructs on language corrections, thereby making way for you to amp up your career the best way, in your own way!

Resolution: Live a stress free life

How to manage stress effectively?Managing stress is really an important task in the digital age. All though there is no shortcut to manage everyday stress, a few apps like Calm can really help you keep cool and collected by indulging stress management techniques in your routine. You can simply meditate using the app to regain peace of mind in life. The free app is not only a meditation aid, but also helps you to browse some catching calm relaxing photos while doing nothing. Plus, a regular 10 minute bedtime program built in the app will help you to unwind before bed. However, if you are a gadget freak, try your hands out with the Spire or the Apple Watch, as they can both make sure you take five minutes off to breathe; a stress free life!

Resolution: I wish to be more creative

What are the best creative apps for all levels of artists?Well if creativity is in your 2017 bucket list, start downloading Procreate now. This cool creative app designs, sketches, and paints to the limits of your imagination. Just get your iPad and the Pro version and you can be the next Vincent Van Gogh or Leonardo Da Vinci. If you’re a commercial designer or an artist, take the app’s potential to churn out your design skills before your clients later on. Bring out the sketcher, painter and illustrator out from you. And don’t forget to upload your new skills in your social media profiles for all your friends to know you more!

Resolution: Want to sleep peacefully

Can sleep helpDo you really crave sleeping? And you also don’t really like wearing gadgets to bed? Well here’s Hello Sense; a tracker gadget that can monitor your sleeping patterns and make sure you get a good night's rest. Wonder how? Sensors and IoT infused technologies let technology take over your sleep patterns to make you sleep at ease. With a monitor attached to your sleep pillow, it calculates your sleeping hours and rates your sleeping environment in terms of humidity, temperature, and noise. It becomes perfect for you to keep sleeping for the hours you really wish to sleep. If you don’t want to invest in a gadget, try out a number of sleep management apps available in the app marketplace.

How are you maintaining your resolutions?  Also, share with us your cool gadget/ app pairings you use to stick to your resolutions, so that we can also use them to keep our resolutions ongoing when we loose track again.

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