4 case studies proving why you need to team-up humans and bots

Robotic Process Automation case studies

Chances are, you’ve already heard of the Future Workforce or the Intelligent Digital Workforce, which essentially is a newer way of referring to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). For the sake of clarity, let’s quickly define it and move on to why you need to adopt this disruptive approach.

RPA is a practice of automating existing repetitive, high-volume, and complex tasks with the help of software “bots.” The bots emulate human-like interaction with multiple systems without changing the current IT landscape.

Another way to look at it is, while humans focus on creating the intellectual value for you; the bots carry out the mundane work much more efficiently and cost-effectively. The best part, you’re always in control of scaling this digital workforce up and down as and when required.

When first introduced, process automation was met with resistance, however, since then it has proven itself to be industry agnostic, and the initial cost of setup is typically dwarfed by internal cost reductions and the significant ROI.

As one of the first steps in digitizing your business, automation will bring control, efficiency, and profitability across operations while you focus on implementing other growth strategies. Keeping the above in mind, let’s get into some RPA success stories that were implemented by UXPLORE; one of our preferred partners in automation.

Case Study 1: Trade Spend Analysis & Sales Insights

A leading CPG distributor serving all major retailers in Canada used to gather weekly sales data at a store level manually. The data was then cleansed and mapped to product SKUs. Trade spend analysis were performed and shared with stakeholders.

On average, it took 2-3 days to perform this process manually.

RPA Trade analysis and Sales Insight

And now the software bot does it in a few hours or on the same day!

RPA Benefits

Distributor’s success:

  • A fully automated workflow except for escalation management
  • 100% accuracy and a 50% reduction in the time cycle
  • Increased bandwidth of Financial Analysts

Case Study 2: Purchase Order Management

A telecom operator with more than 200+ suppliers and 1000s of active POs to manage daily needed to ensure that all orders were coordinated, acknowledged, and accurately tracked.

On average, it took 8 hours to perform this process manually.

Manual testing and development

And now the bot does it in less than an hour!

RPA in purchase order management

Company’s success:

  • Near real-time processing of POs, improving handling time by 90%+
  • Same day escalation when required
  • 100% accurate and up-to-date PO status in SAP

Case Study 3: Hiring - Offer Generation, Onboarding, and New Hire Integration

A fast-growing talent recruitment firm that regularly hires a large number of employees and contractors needed a way to streamline the process once the hiring decision was made.

On average, it took 2.5 hours to perform this process manually.

RPA in talent and recruiting industry

And now the bot does it in 8 minutes!

RPA in offer generation

Recruitment firm’s success:

  • Increased team capacity by replacing 80% of the manual process
  • 100% accuracy of employee master data
  • Significantly improved new hire experience through response time

Case Study 4: Time & Attendance Record Tracking & Validation

A leading technology-services provider (this is us actually; mobileLIVE) delivering hundreds of enterprise-grade projects needed to find a way to manage their resources efficiently; more specifically, they needed to accurately track the time spent on projects to ensure revenue and margin assurance.

On average, it took 6 hours to perform this process manually.

Attendance Record Tracking process

And now the bot does it in less than an hour for us!

RPA in record tracking

Our success:

  • Fully automated workflow with no manual effort or intervention
  • 100% follow-up rate with all notifications sent within minutes and multiple times when required
  • Significantly increased HR capacity to focus on more value-added initiatives

Small Step - Higher ROI

While you may view process automation as a means to increased profitability and efficiency, in reality, it does much more than that. By teaming humans and bots together, you are relieved of time-consuming, repetitive, but essential tasks. Instead, you will find more energy to focus on implementing growth strategies and business-critical decisions.

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