Future-proofing customer experience for steadfast growth

It's 1975, a customer walks into a Nordstrom store in Anchorage, Alaska to return a set of tires. The clerk, saw the price on the side of the tires, reached into the cash register, and handed the man $145.

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Who is reshaping Customer Experience?

Believe it or not, Gen-Y (also known as Millennials) is already the largest generation in the Canadian workforce and I’m sure so is the case in most countries. They were being ignored for their lack of income and spending power. However, it has become glaringly obvious that Gen-Y is a gigantic population, holding significantly powerful positions in the industry, and growing their spending power.

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Customer Experience in the digital economy

Pursuit of optimal customer experience is driving digital transformation initiatives; with technology allowing customers to be in direct control of their interactions with businesses. From the ease of multi-channel digital connectivity to immediacy in service, the customers are demanding seamless and hyper-personalized experiences  that embody simplicity, Do-it-Yourself, and social.

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Voice Assistants: The Gateway Drug to Conversational Commerce

Building on the millions of years of evolution, unsurprisingly we humans prefer the use of voice to interact. However, for decades it was touted as a technology which “wasn’t quite there yet” to be used with machines. In the interim, nose-to-the-phone model of personal computing became the defacto standard and no one really questioned it. Things have really begun to change in the past few years as Apple Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Talk gained momentum and their QoE is a welcome relief.

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