Smart Governments help in shaping of Smart Cities

With every passing day, we get to hear more and more cities getting smarter. Be it in the Western world, the Asian - South Asian countries, or in the Middle Eastern countries, cities are getting smarter with a technology makeover to doll up in the most efficient way.

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Smart City 2.0 - A Platform for Growth

Every city has a distinct culture, vibe and feel. As they commonly say, “People may forget what you say, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” It could not be truer for Cities. From the romantic streets of Paris, the unabashed excess of Vegas to the quintessentially wealthy NY Fifth avenue- they all leave a mark behind. However, population density of most of these urban cities is reaching unprecedented levels, straining the infrastructure and providing the citizens sub-optimal experiences. In an attempt to alleviate the pain, city councillors (the Urban Management team) are turning to technology (the Smart City enablers) to improve efficiency, productivity, lower costs, and set a precedent.

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